High Energy Physics summer schools

The STFC High Energy Physics (HEP) Summer School provides first year graduate students with the basics of particle physics early on in their research studies. The school is held each year during the first two weeks of September. It delivers a two-week programme of lectures, seminars and tutorials with leading researchers in the field.

The school provides students with a thorough grounding in the basics of the subject, complementing the course work which they have in their home institutions. It covers topics such as the standard model, relativistic quantum field theory, the techniques of Feynman amplitudes and a full discussion of electro-weak theory and a presentation of the relevant phenomenology. As an intensive graduate school it ensures that all are well prepared to take advantage of the more advanced summer schools, such as the CERN schools and various advanced studies institutes.

A stimulating environment is created in which students meet all their contemporaries. This produces a strong sense of community which fosters lifelong friendships and research collaborations.

Past HEP summer schools


The lecturers for the 2019 summer school were:


The lecturers for the 2018 summer school were:

You can read about previous HEP summer schools.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

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