How we work in artificial intelligence


Moving forward

The full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is a long way from being realised.

The UK has huge strengths in several areas of AI research and innovation. We rank third in the world for our research and innovation for AI and have high-performing universities and innovative businesses that are attracting significant investment within this space. The UK is home to a third of Europe’s AI start-ups.

We need to act to support the growth of the UK’s AI research and innovation capabilities, building on its strong foundations.

The statement of opportunities on AI set out our aspirations for supporting transformational activities. Following from the publication of this document, we have been engaging with a range of stakeholders to understand how we can maintain the UK’s leading position in AI.

Working with partners

We have been working with our partners to evidence the need for AI research and innovation in the UK. Our partners include:

We have been working with our partners to understand the existing opportunities and barriers for AI research and innovation.

We have been learning from their experiences in creating environments where researchers and innovators can thrive and approaches to supporting AI.

We will use this knowledge to establish our next steps in supporting world-leading AI research and innovation moving forward.

Last updated: 17 September 2021

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