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Activities and events for key stage 5

Accelerator and Particle Physics Masterclass

This event is aimed primarily at A level physics students as well as GCSE students considering studying science at A level. We have run masterclass events for over 10 years and know how valuable they are for the students who participate.

This year we have decided to run our Accelerator and Particle Physics Masterclass online. This will give you the opportunity to take part in this enrichment event while enabling your teachers to prioritise your time in school on the curriculum.

This year’s online event will be held at the end of March.

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The event will be broken down into different webinar sessions and will include talks, virtual tours and demonstrations. Every session will include the opportunity for questions and answers.

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Nuclear Physics Masterclass

The STFC Daresbury Laboratory is a world-renowned centre of research excellence and home to the STFC Nuclear Physics Group. The major role of the Nuclear Physics Group is to support and contribute to the UK’s nuclear physics research programme supported by STFC.

The broad aim of nuclear physics research is to study the properties and structure of nuclei, and the mechanisms involved in their creation. This poses questions about the limits of nuclear stability, the fundamental physical processes which governed the formation of light nuclei in the first moments after the Big Bang, and the subsequent synthesis of heavier nuclei within stars.

Nuclear physics research provides technologies which are transferable to wider applications, benefiting society in a range of areas including medicine, power production and security. Research in this field comprises the design and research and development of detector systems, experimental work which is carried out at specific overseas facilities, data analysis, and a complementary theoretical programme.

The Nuclear Physics Masterclass is aimed primarily at sixth form students, though high-achieving year 11 students may also benefit.

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Last updated: 28 July 2023

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