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An overview of our work

As part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is pioneering in its approach to enhancing the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of talented individuals within the bioscience research and innovation community, through all its strategies, programmes and processes. We value and promote an inclusive research community where diverse talent is used to advance discovery, develop skills and knowledge, and drive innovation in the UK.

EDI is embedded within the BBSRC strategic delivery plan, including within our ambitions to support world-class people and careers and a world-class organisation.

Our EDI action plan links directly to the UKRI EDI strategy and its four strategic objectives:

  • foster a world-class research and innovation system, ‘by everyone, for everyone’
  • include and support a diversity of people and ideas through our funding and partnerships
  • create a more inclusive and fair organisational culture, where everyone can contribute and participate, and feels valued and respected
  • advance and grow knowledge and capability to support a thriving research and innovation system by being a creative, evidence-based and evidence-informed organisation

Our diversity data

UKRI has published harmonised diversity data for the past five academic years for all research councils, including BBSRC. This data will continue to be published annually.

The dataset contains data on four protected characteristics (sex, age, ethnicity, and disability) for:

  • principal investigator  and co-investigator grant applicants and awardees
  • fellowship applicants and awardees
  • PhD studentships

Find out more and access the diversity data

BBSRC also gather the same data on:

  • strategy advisory panels (SAP) and subgroups
  • peer reviewers
  • committee chairs and attendees
  • pool of experts members and applicants

We are committed to ensuring that the best researchers from a diverse population are attracted into research careers and supporting these careers. We will ensure our funding mechanisms and processes do not present any potential barriers and bias to funding. We will ensure that people who are engaged with the processes operate these fairly and without prejudice or bias.

We will be transparent and accountable to whom and how we fund research. We will continue our work to achieve diversity in the membership of BBSRC Council, strategy advisory panels and research committees.

On-going projects

Our on-going projects include:


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Last updated: 28 April 2023

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