Supporting the community adoption of R4RI-like narrative CVs

UKRI is committed to supporting culture change across the research and innovation (R&I) sector.

However, culture change will not happen if just UKRI changes, we need others to join us on this journey. One part of UKRI’s role in this is supporting R&I community adoption of R4RI-like narrative CVs – a flexible narrative CV format that enables people and teams to evidence a wider range of skills and experience than a traditional academic CV. This is by working with partners across the research and innovation sector, nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to share information about the ways we are all approaching this and to develop common approaches to resources. This includes a common evaluation framework that will help build the evidence base in this space.

This approach is in keeping with the strategies of organisations including:

Supporting those considering adopting R4RI-like CVs

To support the adoption of the R4RI-like CV model, UKRI has created communities of practice and dissemination events.

Joint Funders Group (JFG)

The JFG group explores shared approaches towards a R4RI-like CV in funding decisions and develops a range of resources that accompany its use.

Alternative Uses Group (AUG)

The AUG group has been co-developed in partnership with Universities UK (UUK) to complement the efforts of the JFG and explore the alternative applications of R4RI-like CV in a range of contexts. For example, recruitment and promotion.


Watch recordings of programme events here:

Last updated: 17 June 2024

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