Research and innovation outputs

UKRI has a responsibility to demonstrate the value and impact of research supported through public funding.

One of the ways we do this is by publishing the outputs of the projects we fund. We collate data of the following types of outputs.

Types of reported outputs


Research collaborations take the form of joint funding, exchanging expertise, access to wide ranging facilities and equipment, accessing datasets and working across different sectors. This relates to new collaborations reported after the award has started. One award can have many collaborations involving many collaborators.

Collaborator location

International collaboration shows that researchers are collaborating with organisations around the world and gaining access to internationally competitive facilities and infrastructure.


Researchers engage with a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders to communicate research outcomes, disseminate knowledge, stimulate public awareness, and encourage public engagement and dialogue. The engagement activities help demonstrate the extent to which researchers are engaging with others including audiences outside academia.

Knowledge generation

Publications are used to disseminate the findings of research to a wider audience, increasing the visibility of research, the diffusion of knowledge and the advancement of research.

Other types of knowledge generation

Other knowledge generation includes artistic and creative outputs, research models and databases, software and technical products, research tools and methods, and medical products, interventions and clinical trials.

Further funding

This data includes additional funding from UKRI and other funders to continue or advance the research.

Intellectual property

This includes the generation of patents, copyrights and trademarks as an output of the research. This data does not include Innovate UK as its current online survey collects data on intellectual property used as part of the project.

View our guide to the research and innovation output data


The data is available in two formats.

Interactive dashboard: researchfish outputs

Interactive dashboards show different types of outputs including knowledge generation, collaborations, intellectual property, engagement activities and further funding.

View the interactive dashboards: researchfish outputs 2014 to 2023

View the interactive dashboards: researchfish outputs 2013 to 2021

Excel data: research and innovation outputs

These are summaries of the data, by output type.

View the data: research and innovation output data 2014 to 2023

View the data: research and innovation output data 2013 to 2021

Last updated: 1 August 2023

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