Fellowship opportunities


Expectations that come with an MRC fellowship

When you become a fellow there are certain expectations placed on you – but also on your research organisation and the MRC.

Expectations placed on fellows

If you become a fellow you are expected to:

  • manage your career and personal development
  • maximise the impact of your research
  • act as an ambassador of the MRC and offer support to the next generation of researchers.

You are also expected to read and abide by UKRI’s terms and conditions for training grant funding Meeting UKRI terms and conditions for funding and MRC’s additional terms and conditions. These also include information on extensions and other aspects of award management.

For further details, see Responsibilities of the applicant in the MRC guidance for fellowship applicants.

Expectations placed on research organisations

Expectations are also placed on your research organisation when you are a fellow, namely that they:

  • give proper recognition to you
  • support your career development
  • support the development of science.

For further details, see Responsibilities of research organisations in the  MRC guidance for fellowship applicants.

Expectations placed on the MRC

The MRC is expected to:

  • fund outstanding fellows
  • support key career stages
  • value MRC’s fellows.

The MRC has a leading national role in training future research leaders across a range of biomedical, clinical and health disciplines, and we are a signatory to the concordat to support the career development of researchers. Read more about how the MRC helps support and develop the skills and talent of the UK’s researchers and innovators.

Last updated: 9 December 2022

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