Bioscience for Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Growth Strategy Advisory Panel

The Bioscience for Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Growth Strategy Advisory Panel has focused on transforming industries through bio-based processes and products in a new low-carbon bioeconomy.

Terms of reference

BBSRC Strategy Advisory Panels develop and maintain an overview of research, training and innovation across the biosciences, in universities, research institutes, business and other stakeholder organisations. This is both in the UK and globally, and in doing so the panels consider the relevant ethical, legal and social context in order to provide BBSRC with:

  • strategic advice on: BBSRC’s investment portfolio and its place within the wider bioscience research and innovation landscape and BBSRC’s research and innovation priorities relevant to the Strategy Advisory Panel’s remit
  • horizon scanning and identification of emerging opportunities and advice on the most effective strategic intervention
  • constructive challenge and assurance that BBSRC’s developing ideas, policies and strategies are fit for purpose, taking account of all necessary stakeholder perspectives
  • monitoring and benchmarking of existing activities and investments, and their impacts.

The panel considers a multidisciplinary area covering the use of biological systems for the manufacture of materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy vectors or the use of biological systems for the remediation of land, water or air:

  • biological systems can include genes, enzymes, bacteria, fungi, algae, animal and plant cells as well as whole (multicellular) organisms
  • feedstocks can include wastes and residues in the form of gases, liquids and solids as well as perennial biomass
  • technologies cover those in bioscience, chemistry and engineering and particularly those covering genomics, systems and synthetic biology.

Panel membership 2022

  • Dr Reuben Carr (Chair), Ingenza
  • Dr Alison Mohr, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan, University of Surrey
  • Dr Amgad Moussa, Syngenta
  • Professor Louise Horsfall, The University of Edinburgh

Previous meeting dates

20 and 26 April 2021
Meeting (Zoom)
Meeting agenda and minutes: April 2021

8 December 2021
Meeting (Zoom)
Meeting agenda and minutes: December 2021

7 to 8 December 2022
Meeting (in-person and Zoom)
Meeting minutes: December 2022

21 to 22 June 2023
Meeting (in-person and Zoom)
Meeting minutes: June 2023


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Last updated: 20 December 2023

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