Core narrative

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council’s (BBSRC) vision is to advance the frontiers of biology and drive towards a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future.

We support curiosity-driven ideas wherever we find them and provide early investment in ground-breaking transformative technologies and the sharing of data.

Through our funding, stewardship and provision of national capabilities, including the institutes that receive strategic support from BBSRC, we progress our knowledge and understanding of the complex processes that underpin life and we continue to seek exciting ideas with the potential to transform and advance bioscience.

We unleash innovation, capitalising on the unprecedented opportunities for biology to transform our lives by working with and supporting the creation of new businesses, advancing enterprise, and forging vibrant ecosystems across the UK.

We enable researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to translate their fundamental understanding of biological systems into tangible societal and economic benefits.

We target strategic challenges, where investment in world-leading bioscience research and innovation has the potential to create genuine step-change advancements that will have real-world impact.

Our plans for UK bioscience are bold and ambitious.

As a world-class organisation, we will meet our vision by supporting our people and championing diversity and creativity in everything we do.

Last updated: 17 August 2023

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