MRC Prize Committee

A dedicated MRC Prize Committee was established in May 2021 to oversee MRC prizes, including the MRC Millennium Medal and the MRC Impact Prize competitions.

The committee is composed of 22 members from across:

  • MRC boards, panels and overview groups
  • MRC strategy board
  • MRC council
  • industry and external representation

The committee provides direction and oversight of MRC prizes, reviews and scores nominations, and selects shortlisted and winning entries for the MRC Millennium Medal and MRC Impact Prize competitions.

MRC Prize Committee members

MRC Prize Committee membership as of January 2024:

  • Professor Patrick Chinnery (Chair), Medical Research Council
  • Dr Emily Gale, Medical Research Council
  • Professor Marcus Munafò, University of Bristol
  • Professor Christopher Yau, University of Oxford
  • Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Kim Graham, Cardiff University
  • Professor Eleanor Riley, The University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Fadi Issa, University of Oxford
  • Professor John Quackenbush, Harvard University
  • Dr Mark Toshner, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Tania Dottorini, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Diego Gomez Nicola, University of Southampton
  • Professor Paul Matthews, Imperial College London
  • Professor Sandosh Padmanabhan, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Sinead Brophy, University of Swansea
  • Professor Moira Whyte, The University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Paola Dazzan, King’s College London
  • Professor Rosalind Smyth, University College London
  • Professor Philippa Saunders, The University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Matthew Lambon-Ralph, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Mark Lawler, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Malcom Skingle, GSK

Read the MRC Prize Committee conflicts of interest register.

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MRC Prize Committee

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MRC Impact Prize


Last updated: 23 January 2024

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