MRC ‘Black in Biomedical Research’ Advisory Group

The ‘Black in Biomedical Research’ Advisory Group (BBRAG) brings together academics, researchers and practitioners from Black heritage backgrounds spanning across the UK biomedical research sector. The core purpose of the group is to help shape the delivery of the MRC ‘Black in Biomedical Research’ project (see under project subheading).

It was formed in response to:

  • the sustained underrepresentation of researchers from Black heritage backgrounds across MRC funding portfolios, within the staff population, and more broadly across the biomedical sciences
  • increased understanding around how the research environment and culture impacts on the experiences and progression of researchers from some minority ethnic backgrounds
  • the development of race equity strategies, initiatives, and networks arising across various organisations, higher education institutions and funding bodies in the UK (many focusing in particular on Black heritage communities) calling for action

What does BBRAG do?

The aims of the group are to:

  • advise MRC on equality and diversity-related issues faced by people from Black heritage communities in achieving their potential in the biomedical sciences
  • enhance MRC understanding of activities within the broader landscape and how we can work effectively within a complex landscape of activity
  • offer strategic advice to support the development of evidence-based actions, determining what challenges to prioritise and identify areas where MRC is uniquely placed to support change across the wider biomedical sciences
  • catalyse new collaborative partnerships to help deliver the project objectives, alerting us to new and emerging areas or opportunities and helping to identify new stakeholders we might work with from across the sector
  • provide a powerful advocacy voice on inclusive and equitable practices across MRC and the biomedical research and innovation sector, as part of race equity focused work
  • help facilitate two-way communication between MRC and the broader research community

BBRAG holds quarterly three-hour meetings. The first meeting was held in March 2023 and focused on introductions, exploring the different elements of the project, and establishing terms of reference.

Membership from March 2023

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Last updated: 10 October 2023

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