Directors and MRC investigators at MRC institutes and units

MRC institute and unit directors

The Medical Research Council (MRC) institute and unit directors are outstanding and experienced scientists.

As well as leading their own research programmes, they also ensure that their institute or unit is achieving its mission.

They do this by recruiting and developing excellent researchers with specialist and transferable skills that can be applied to carrying out ground-breaking medical research at their establishment.

MRC investigators

In November 2020, MRC established the new title of ‘MRC investigator’ for programme leaders (PL) and programme leader track (PLT) researchers at MRC institutes and units.

These individuals are world-class scientists who are either strong leaders in their field already (PLs) or are making great strides towards that goal (PLTs).

Based on what they have achieved in their research careers so far, the title will no doubt become synonymous with scientific accomplishment, impact and integrity.

Who are the directors and MRC investigators?

You can learn more about the individual directors and MRC investigators and the research programmes they are involved in at MRC institutes and units. This directory features a profile for each director and MRC investigator.

Director and MRC investigator expertise

To support MRC investigators and directors in advancing medical research, MRC provides core funding to MRC institutes and university units where they carry out their work.

These establishments cover a huge breadth of medical research from molecular biology to public health.

As you will see from the directory, MRC investigators and directors are making considerable advances in their respective fields through their innovative and exciting research programmes.

Their accomplishments have been recognised beyond MRC and many have been awarded notable prizes and elected to learned societies and organisations.

As well as being widely recognised within the scientific and academic communities, the well-established title ‘director’ and newer title ‘MRC investigator’ should also be a signal to the public of the expert-level status of these individuals.

The values and mission of MRC include disseminating knowledge and promoting dialogue with the public about medical research. The affiliation of the individuals within the directory with MRC should bestow confidence and trust in the information our directors and MRC investigators provide.

Last updated: 17 August 2023

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