MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

The Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL (MRC LMCB at UCL) seeks to understand the molecular basis of cell function and behaviour under normal and pathological conditions with the goal of developing novel therapeutic strategies to treat human disease. Directed by Professor Alison Lloyd, a key aim of the LMCB is the development of cutting edge technical platforms, in particular in imaging, to understand the biochemical complexity, spatial and dynamic organisation and regulation of the cell at unparalleled resolutions. Research themes include:

  • cell polarity
  • the cytoskeleton in development and mitosis
  • cell biology of virus transmission
  • control of cell growth and proliferation
  • secretory mechanisms and haemostasis
  • neurobiology
  • phospho-inositide signalling
  • receptor expression and organisation.

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Last updated: 31 March 2022

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