What MRC does

Based on priorities set out in our strategic plan, and the ideas submitted to us by the nation’s leading biomedical research teams, we invest in research on behalf of the UK tax payer. Our research has resulted in life-changing discoveries for over a hundred years. Scientists apply to the Medical Research Council (MRC) for support with their applications selected for funding after review by panels of independent experts. This process ensures MRC supports internationally competitive research operating to the highest ethical standards.

Our work spans laboratory research, for example on genes, molecules and cells, the development of new treatments including vaccines and drugs, through to research with people, such as clinical trials and population studies. Our science is split into six broad areas of research:

Our research is carried out in universities, hospitals and a network of dedicated establishments across the UK and Africa, and supports both cutting-edge science and technology and the training of the next generation of researchers:

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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