MRC Staff Benevolent Fund Association (SBFA)

The MRC Staff Benevolent Fund Association (SBFA) is a registered charity. We provide financial support to current and former MRC staff who were employed by MRC before 1 April 2018. This could be in the form of loans or grants for those who find themselves in positions of needs.

We’re funded and run by volunteers and have been helping MRC people get through the difficult times in their lives for over 50 years.

Our honorary president is always MRC’s chief executive, though the charity is entirely independent in governance, funding and decision-making.

How we can help you

If you’re in financial difficulty, we may be able to help you get yourself and your family back on track.

To be eligible for support, you need to have been employed by MRC before 1 April 2018.

Your eligibility isn’t affected by your length of service, seniority or location. Your dependants may also qualify for support if you do. You do not need to have donated to the fund in the past to get help from us.

You can seek help in several ways:

  • contact a member of the SBFA committee or the secretary
  • speak to the local HR representative in your MRC unit, institute or centre
  • speak to your local wellbeing champion

You will need to complete an application form so that we can clearly understand your current situation and your request for help.

We need you to provide detailed financial information, including copies of bank statements, credit cards and loan agreements. But we always treat this information in the strictest of confidence. The only people who will know about your request are the members of the committee, our secretary and administrator.

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll allocate an SBFA case officer to you. They’ll contact you to go through your case (by email, phone or visit, whichever you both agree is the most appropriate). After they’ve done this, they’ll to present it to the committee for consideration.

The committee meets at least every three months to consider applications and to review on-going support. If there’s an emergency, we can respond more quickly as long as you let us know that you need urgent financial help.

Get an application form

SBFA secretary


Who we’ve helped

We have helped hundreds of MRC people over the past 50 years.
The support comes in the form of grants or low interest or interest-free loans. This money has helped current and former MRC people with:

  • funeral expenses
  • car repairs
  • house moving expenses
  • council tax and rent arrears
  • pressures arising from unemployed or ill dependants
  • excessive fuel bills
  • study fees
  • unexpected childcare costs
  • solicitor bills

We have also given grants for building works where MRC people have become disabled and need special facilities installed at home, such as:

  • shower rooms
  • specialised beds
  • other home modifications

Many MRC pensioners have received quarterly grants to supplement their income.

We’ve also given out grants to help pay for:

  • the replacement of domestic appliances
  • new carpets
  • wheelchairs
  • home decorating
  • winter boots
  • spectacles
  • shower installations
  • TV repairs
  • roof repairs
  • stair lifts
  • central heating systems

This list is not exhaustive and every request for support is different. We consider each one on its own merits in a non-judgemental and caring way. Rest assured that we treat every case in the strictest confidence.

SBFA committee

We are run by a committee of unpaid volunteers who are current, retired or former members of MRC staff. The committee members are the trustees of the charity. They consider all applications for support and ensure that the funds donated by generous MRC people are used to help those other MRC people that are most in need.

From time to time, we look for new volunteers to help us run the SBFA.

Find out more about becoming a committee member

SBFA secretary


How you can support the SBFA

Please consider supporting other MRC people at times in their lives when they need a helping hand. A small, regular donation can make a big difference.

You can contribute by monthly deductions from your salary or pension at source. Your local HR person can arrange this or you can contact the SFBA secretary.

You can donate as little as £1 per month. It’s also possible to donate a one-off lump sum.

Contact the SBFA secretary


Last updated: 9 January 2024

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