Business performance

We carefully monitor progress towards our goals and adjust activities where needed, collecting evidence of performance in several different ways. As well as internal monitoring, we report to UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to demonstrate that our investment of public funds delivers economic, social and cultural impact.


NERC is committed to ensuring that sustainability is embedded across our entire investment portfolio. We have published a statement outlining our commitment to sustainability, research and social responsibility.

See the NERC responsible business statement.

NERC head office administers a central budget to deliver and support sustainability initiatives. Sustainability investments are funded locally, but we’re developing a mechanism to allow NERC staff to request funds for larger ‘step-change’ projects.

Sustainability across NERC is managed through the following structure:

  • NERC Executive: accountable and responsible for delivery against NERC sustainability commitments, duty holder for sustainability legislation and government reporting requirements
  • NERC Management Board: responsible for providing strategic direction and sign-off of NERC sustainability commitments, and oversight of ownership and governance
  • NERC Director of Corporate: directorate lead for sustainability, overall responsibility for ensuring effective delivery of sustainability activity across the investment portfolio
  • NERC Sustainability Team: responsible for development and implementation of the NERC sustainability commitments through the NERC responsibility framework
  • NERC Sustainability Steering Committee: advise on and steer the development and implementation of the NERC responsibility framework
  • NERC Environmental Professionals Group: responsible for implementation of environmental sustainability improvements across centres and national capability.

To find out more about our work on sustainability, contact the NERC Sustainability Team at:



Evaluation is a retrospective assessment of performance. It is one of a range of processes which tell us how well we and our investments are performing.

NERC carries out evaluations where we have identified that more information is needed for strategic planning and decisions, for demonstrating our achievements, or for accountability. We may evaluate any aspect of NERC’s strategies, policies, processes and investments, depending on what we need to find out.

Every year we publish a programme of evaluations to provide information required internally, or required by external audiences such as government, the academic community, business and the public.

Evaluation reports are published on this website, though confidential discussions or conclusions will be withheld in accordance with NERC’s Freedom of Information Policy on Peer Review.

See council evaluation reports.

For more information on evaluation, contact the Programme Coordination and Delivery team at:


Last updated: 31 March 2022

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