AI review: Transforming our world with AI

Our AI review ’Transforming our world with AI’ sets out UKRI’s view of the opportunities for research and innovation in AI – artificial intelligence – in the UK.

In it we set out our aspirations for supporting transformational activities, and for working with our partners to place the UK in a strong position to realise the vast potential benefits of AI.

Find out more about the opportunities that AI offers in our AI review ‘Transforming our world with AI’

Artificial intelligence is already changing our world and being used in research and innovation. It has been used by scientists in the COVID-19 pandemic, with agriculture, energy, environment, food and business productivity just some of the other sectors where it is being applied.

Long-term potential

AI has the potential to have a profound effect on the economy and in addressing national and global challenges.

It is estimated that leading countries could gain an extra 20-25% of economic growth and productivity through AI over the next decade.

The UK is ranked third in the world for our research and innovation in AI but only eleventh for our ability to realise innovation and impact from it.

Our vision is for advances in artificial intelligence in the UK to benefit society, provide skilled employment and deliver significant economic growth.

The UKRI AI review outlines how we can:

  • support world-leading AI research and innovation
  • ensure that the UK has the right environment for those researchers and innovators to thrive

Last updated: 22 February 2024

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