Environmental sustainability

We are living through a period of unprecedented environmental change. At UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) we are proud of the contribution our research and innovation continues to make in understanding global environmental sustainability challenges and developing the solutions to address them. This includes our cutting-edge research on changing climate and the impact of plastic in our oceans.

Given the scope of UKRI’s operations and the role that our science plays in the global response to climate and environmental change, it is vital that as an organisation UKRI uses this knowledge to enhance its own environmental performance.

Ask us about sustainability

You can contact us for further information at:

Email: ukrisustainability@nerc.ukri.org

Our environmental sustainability strategy

The strategy sets out what we will do to enhance our positive contribution to the environment while minimising harm.

UKRI position statement on carbon offsetting

Our approach to carbon offsetting in UKRI's operational reduction of carbon emissions.

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