STFC facilities

We operate several research and innovation campuses, large-scale research facilities, and laboratories across the UK that push the frontiers of knowledge and enrich lives by increasing our understanding the world around us.

These conduct research into a range of disciplines from astronomy to particle science as well as supporting innovative businesses and public services, and creating high-quality jobs throughout the UK. In addition, we facilitate UK access to several high-profile international science collaborations and scientific infrastructure.

National campuses

STFC operates two major research and innovation campuses at Harwell and Daresbury which are home to various cutting-edge science facilities, groups and businesses:

National Laboratories

The National Laboratories provide research facilities and capabilities that, because of their scale, complexity, and strategic role in the UK’s research and innovation ecosystem, are appropriately operated as a national research resource. They provide access for external users to advanced scientific techniques, in some cases found nowhere else in the UK.

The National Laboratories are:

Other facilities

Conference facilities

International collaborations and facilities

We also facilitate UK involvement in several international science collaborations. We see our many partners around the world as a trusted and valued part of our team, and as one that adds an extra dimension to our mission, the way we work and what we’re capable of achieving. These include:

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