STFC Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) members and meeting dates

Meeting dates

19 and 20 March 2024 (Zoom)

4 and 5 June 2024 (Hybrid)

2 and 3 October 2024 (Zoom or Hybrid (to be confirmed))

20 November 2024 Joint with Science Board meeting (Hybrid)

21 November 2024 (Hybrid)


  • Professor Jacqueline Cole (Chair) – University of Cambridge and ISIS
  • Professor Adrian Bevan (Deputy Chair) – Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Carla Andreani – University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’
  • Dr Will Buttinger – STFC PPD/CERN
  • Dr Tessa Charles – The Australian Synchrotron, Melbourne
  • Stephanie Eden – Airbus Defence and Space
  • Professor Karen Edler – Lund University
  • Professor Dame Xiangqian (Jane) Jiang – University of Huddersfield
  • Dr Rhodri Jones – CERN
  • Professor Martin King – Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dr Bruno Leone – ESA, ECSAT (European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications)
  • Professor Kenneth Long – Imperial College London and STFC PPD
  • Professor Lia Merminga – Fermilab
  • Dr Isabel de Moraes – Google DeepMind Technologies
  • Professor Zulfikar Najmudin – Imperial College London
  • Professor Christian Pfrang – University of Birmingham

Terms of reference

1. Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories)

1.1 Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) will provide advice and guidance to STFC, related to STFC-supported national and international multidisciplinary facilities, the STFC national laboratories and related technologies, including accelerators and computing.

2. Membership

2.1 Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) will comprise approximately 16 members, in addition to a Chair, representing a broad cross-section of STFC’s facility user and technology-focused stakeholder communities, including:

  • members of the UK academic and business/industrial communities
  • members from national and international facilities and laboratories

2.2 Members will serve for four years with the membership refreshed on a rolling annual cycle, to ensure continuity on the board.

2.3 The appointments of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) are approved by Council. The Chair should be based at a UK institution. The selection panel for these appointments is convened by the STFC Strategy, Planning and Communications (SPC) Directorate and includes at least one member of Council.

3. Remit

3.1 Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories):

3.1.1 Reviews and considers long-term National Laboratories and large-scale Facilities science, technology and accelerator strategies for STFC. This includes identifying and prioritising scientific opportunities and understanding the underpinning technological development.

3.1.2 Consults with the appropriate communities to ensure the science, technology and accelerator strategies for the facilities and STFC National Laboratory departments represents the needs of the UK multidisciplinary user community.

3.1.3 Advises on the strategic importance of possible new areas of activity, new collaborations and partnerships.

3.1.4 Advises on strategic priorities across the National Laboratory departments.

3.1.5 Advises on the overall scientific investment portfolio across the National Laboratories, including large-scale capital investments, to support UKRI’s users of multidisciplinary facilities.

3.1.6 Advises on the balance of capability and capacity across international and national large-scale multidisciplinary facilities.

3.1.7 Provides strategic advice on the STFC 10-year plan for international and national large-scale multidisciplinary facilities in the context the broader STFC strategy.

3.1.8 Provides co-ordinated advice, alongside Science Board (PPAN), in cross-cutting areas such as technology, computing and accelerators through mechanisms including joint meetings and task and finish groups.

4. Committees reporting to STFC Council

4.1 STFC Council provides advice and guidance to the STFC Executive on the entire STFC programme and overall strategy. Council will receive detailed advice on science and technology from two science boards, focusing respectively on the PPAN (Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear) programme and the scientific activities within STFC’s National Laboratories and Facilities. Where appropriate, advice on the development of long-term technology strategy, including accelerators and computing, will be received from both boards to ensure coverage and coherence activities across STFC.

5. Meetings and reporting

5.1 Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) will normally meet between two and four times a year. Quorum for a meeting will be dependent on the nature of the meeting item, and the Chair should ensure there is sufficient domain expertise to make an informed judgement.

5.2 The secretariat for Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) is provided by the SPC Directorate. The report from Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) meetings will be circulated to the Executive Board and presented and discussed at Council. The Chair of Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories) will be an observer on Council.


Last updated: 7 March 2024

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