STFC Science Board (PPAN) members and meeting dates

Meeting dates

29 February and 5 March 2024 (Zoom)

12 and 13 June 2024 (Hybrid)

17 and 19 September (Zoom)

19 November (Hybrid)

20 November Joint with Science Board meeting (Hybrid)


  • Professor Keith Grainge (Chair) – University of Manchester
  • Dr Martin Bauer (Deputy Chair) – Durham University
  • Professor Daniela Bortoletto – Oxford University
  • Professor John Bridges – University of Leicester
  • Professor Alison Bruce – University of Brighton
  • Professor David Charlton – University of Birmingham
  • Dr Judith Croston – Open University
  • Professor Ineke De Moortel – University of St Andrews
  • Professor Francesca Di Lodovico – Kings College, London
  • Professor Monica D’Onofrio – University of Liverpool
  • Professor George Efstathiou – University of Cambridge
  • Professor Tim Gershon – The University of Warwick
  • Professor Anne Green – University of Nottingham
  • Professor David Ireland – University of Glasgow
  • Professor Amelie Saintonge – University College, London
  • Professor Iain Steele Liverpool – John Moores University
  • Professor Patrick Sutton – Cardiff University

Terms of reference

1. Science Board (PPAN)

1.1 Science Board (PPAN) will provide STFC with strategic scientific advice on, and assessment of, the STFC (Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics) PPAN programme, which includes particle astrophysics, space science and the accelerator and computational requirements of the science programmes.

2. Membership

2.1 Science Board (PPAN) will normally consist of 16 senior members of the academic and research community based at UK institutions, in addition to a Chair. The members will be representative of STFC’s core research stakeholder communities: particle physics including one theorist (6 members), astronomy/space science (6 members), particle astrophysics (2 members), nuclear physics (2 members). Members will serve for four years with the membership refreshed on a rolling annual cycle, to ensure continuity on the board.

2.2 The Chair and Deputy Chair of Science Board (PPAN) both serve for two years and should be from different disciplines and institutions to help manage any conflicts of interest that may arise. They should both be based at UK institutions.

2.3 The appointments of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Science Board (PPAN) are approved by Council. The selection panel for these appointments is convened by the STFC Strategy, Planning and Communications (SPC) Directorate and includes at least one member of Council.

3. Remit

3.1 Science Board (PPAN):

3.1.1. Reviews and considers long-term PPAN science, technology and accelerator strategies for STFC. This includes identifying and prioritising scientific opportunities and understanding the underpinning technological development.

3.1.2. Provides advice on proposed and existing STFC PPAN science and technology programmes and investments, considering individual projects in the broader context of the overall portfolio and longer-term science and technology prioritisation.

3.1.3. Provides strategic advice on STFC’s scientific investment portfolio, accounting for programme priorities, long-term science strategy and outcomes from strategic reviews of STFC’s programme.

3.1.4. Provides advice on the long-term roadmaps for the different strands of the PPAN programme, in the context of the STFC PPAN 10-year financial plan.

3.1.5. On an annual basis, reviews the STFC rolling financial plan for the PPAN programme, providing recommendations on the long-term balance in the context of the wider STFC strategy.

3.1.6. Consults with the STFC-supporting scientific communities via its advisory panels to ensure the science and technology strategies reflect the UK’s scientific priorities.

3.1.7. Provides strategic advice and guidance to STFC on the framework within which projects and areas of science are assessed in terms of their scientific quality.

3.1.8. Provides strategic scientific advice, as required, on the programmes of the UK Space Agency (UKSA) as part of the ‘dual key’ arrangements.

3.1.9. Provides coordinated advice, alongside Science Board (Facilities and Laboratories), in cross-cutting areas such as technology, computing and accelerators through mechanisms including joint meetings and task and finish groups.

4. Committees reporting to STFC Council

4.1 STFC Council provides advice and guidance to the STFC Executive on the entire STFC programme and overall strategy. Council will receive detailed advice on science on technology from two Science Boards, focusing respectively on the PPAN programme and the scientific activities within STFC’s National Laboratories and Facilities. Where appropriate, advice on the development of long-term technology strategy, including accelerators and computing, will be received from both boards to ensure coverage and coherence across activities.

5. Meetings and reporting

5.1 Science Board (PPAN) will normally meet between four and six times a year. Quorum for a meeting will be dependent on the nature of the meeting item and the Chair should ensure there is sufficient domain expertise to make an informed judgement.

5.2 The secretariat for Science Board (PPAN) is provided by the SPC Directorate. The report from Science Board (PPAN) meetings will be circulated to the Executive Board and presented and discussed at Council. The Chair of Science Board (PPAN) will be an observer on Council.

Statement of Interest for new projects

Find out more about the application process at Statement of Interest for new projects.


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