UK SKA Oversight Committee and Programme Board

The UK Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Oversight Committee (OsC) is a key part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) governance and oversight framework. The committee has been established by STFC to provide independent advice, oversight and review of the SKA project on issues of risk and project cost, schedule and scope over the lifetime of the project.

SKA OsC members

Members as at 24 May 2024:

  • Dr Anthony Brown, Chair, University of Durham
  • Dr Daniela Bauer, Imperial College London
  • Dr George Beckett, The University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Steve Eales, Cardiff University
  • Professor Graham Woan, University of Glasgow

The OsC receives progress reports and presentations from the project manager and university leads, and may seek other sources of input as necessary.

The OsC performs the following activities:

  • at each meeting, receive and review reports on progress, risk and finance with the UK elements of the programme against the approved deliverables and milestones taking into account the wider global aspects of the SKA project
  • monitor the project spend to ensure that this remains within the approved budget
  • maintain oversight of the major risks to the UK SKA programme by reviewing proposals for their control and mitigation and monitoring their implementation
  • assess and approve, as appropriate, proposals to amend the planned programme of work of UK SKA , with reference to the scientific requirements and the wider global aspects of the SKA programme
  • advise STFC on the science priorities if it becomes necessary to re-scope the programme, and advise on the scientific objectives of the revised programme
  • assess and recommend, as appropriate, the activities of the programme in promoting knowledge transfer
  • provide updates to the UK SKA Programme Board
  • undertake a final review of the projects on completion.

UK SKA Programme Board

The UK SKA programme is overseen by the UK SKA Programme Board (PB) which reports to the STFC Executive Board and Council. The programme board reviews and advises on matters that affect the UK’s presence in the project. Such matters may cover policy and technical decisions within the SKA organisation and the UK’s contribution to the project.

SKA PB members

Membership of the UK SKA PB comprises:

  • Executive Chair of STFC
  • Executive Director of STFC Programmes Directorate
  • Head of UK SKA Project, STFC
  • STFC Finance Representative
  • Department for Science, Innovation and Technology representatives
  • UK Research and Innovation representatives
  • Chair of UK SKA Oversight Committee
  • Chair of UK SKA Science Committee
  • UK SKA Project Manager, UK Astronomy Technology Centre
  • UK SKA Industrial Liaison Officer, STFC
  • science advisors from the UK science community.

The UK SKA PB is asked to:

  • oversee and coordinate the UK activities for the various strands that make up the UK’s involvement in the SKA project
  • support effective communication throughout the project, from the UK science collaboration through to government, as well as supporting communication with our international partners
  • support the engagement of STFC staff and other stakeholders (including other research councils, science board, the wider research community and UK industry)
  • assess and comment on relevant procurement activities, as well as the opportunities for the UK during the construction phase
  • review compliance and progress of UK contributions to the construction phase
  • review the project risk register, monitor risks and advise STFC and the UK SKA project management office as appropriate
  • review the activities of the SKA Observatory (SKAO) Council, the Science and Engineering Advisory Committee (SEAC) and Finance Committee and its subcommittees, and to brief the UK delegates to Council, Finance Committee and SEAC
  • receive and review input and reports from the UK SKA Committee chairs, principal investigators and work package managers on progress, finance, and risks as required.


George Madden – Head of SKA Project Office

Telephone: 01793 442075

Simon Haynes – SKA Project Office

Telephone: 01793 442127

Last updated: 24 May 2024

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