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Find business and research partners to collaborate with

Some of our funding opportunities require you to team up with a business or research partner to work on a project.

This could be:

  • a large research organisation or business with access to the latest resources and facilities
  • an organisation working in a complementary research area or industry sector.

Where to find collaboration partners

Finding the right person or organisation to fit your needs can be difficult. We support a number of services to help you find a partner.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network supports business partnerships and collaborations across countries. You can use it to:

  • search for potential business partners for international research, development and commercial collaborations
  • get advice on approaching and engaging a partner
  • advertise your own collaboration opportunities
  • prepare for, visit and make connections in a new territory or market through the network’s Global Business Innovation Programme.

Other services offered by the network include one-to-one advice on issues including policies, legislation and intellectual property rights, as well as finance and funding options.


Konfer is a search platform specifically for research and innovation where you can find:

  • experts in your research or industry area
  • business and universities that want to collaborate on a specific opportunity.

You can also post your own opportunities for other people to find.

Knowledge Transfer Network

If you’re a business, the Knowledge Transfer Network can help you connect with:

  • a wide variety of research experts outside of your immediate network and industry
  • academics, government bodies and other organisations.

The network also offers services to support business growth and development. For example, you could get advice on starting a business or applying for a funding award.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are a specific scheme where you can get funding to get a suitable graduate to work on a business innovation project.

The graduate is recruited and employed by a research organisation for the duration of the project.

To find out more and apply for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, you should contact your local Knowledge Transfer Adviser. They will find the right graduate to work on your project.

Knowledge Transfer Advisers can also help with your application and ensure your idea is suitable.

Last updated: 17 November 2023

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