Get support for your project


Find research and innovation infrastructure to support your work

When you’re planning your project you might find that you need to use collections, equipment or facilities that you do not own or have access to.

You can look to other organisations who might be able to grant you access.

Where to find resources

Large research and innovation organisations across the UK have services to allow you to book access to their resources.

A good place to start your search is UKRI’s infrastructure portal (or InfraPortal), where you can find a range of research and innovation infrastructures.

This includes:

  • large-scale physical research facilities, equipment and sets of instruments, such as synchrotrons, research ships, scientific satellites and ‘living labs’ like The Energy Systems Catapult Living Lab
  • knowledge-based resources, including scientific, cultural and artistic collections and archives, like the Archaeology Data Service, the UK’s openly accessible repository of heritage data
  • networks of technologies and digital infrastructures, including data and computing systems and communication networks, like the high-performance computing service ARCHER.

Search the UKRI InfraPortal to find hundreds of research and innovation infrastructures.

Last updated: 13 June 2023

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