Council transition to the new Funding Service – AHRC

Throughout 2023, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) will transition from the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system to the new UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) grants system, the Funding Service.

In addition, AHRC will be making changes to our responsive mode funding opportunities.

Responsive mode funding opportunities

AHRC’s current responsive mode opportunities:

Changes to AHRC responsive mode opportunities

Details of the changes, reasons and benefits are outlined in AHRC’s guidance for applicants.

As and when further details on those changes are available, they will be published in:

Timeline for changes and the transition

Making changes to ‘always open’ funding opportunities is challenging to deliver in a way that gives applicants certainty as to:

  • how to apply
  • how their applications will be processed
  • how their applications will be assessed

The introduction of a new grants system presents us with an opportunity to implement changes to funding opportunities at the same time as the transition. This will reduce the number of points at which change is applied, and therefore it is our hope that this will make it easier for our research community to manage.

The changes and system transition will be implemented as follows:

29 March 2023

These opportunities will permanently close to applications:

  • research grants (early career route)
  • research development and engagement fellowships (both routes)

These opportunities will temporarily close to applications:

  • research grants (standard route)
  • follow-on funding for impact and engagement

April 2023

Further details of the new curiosity and catalyst award opportunities will be published along with information on the revised research grants opportunity.

June 2023

These opportunities will reopen in the Funding Service:

  • research grants (standard route)
  • follow-on funding for impact and engagement

29 June 2023

This opportunity will permanently close to applications:

  • research networking

July 2023

These new opportunities will open in the Funding Service:

  • curiosity awards
  • catalyst awards

We will provide at least 8 weeks’ notice of when these opportunities will open or reopen in the Funding Service.

We are aware that research funding proposals can take some time to complete, and we do not intend to disadvantage applicants. We remain contactable for queries and requests, including those relating to these published deadlines.

The Funding Service is being launched in stages, which means functionality and new features are gradually introduced and refined. This means that timelines may be subject to adjustment.

Note that during the transition between grant systems we will not be able to accept applications through either system or indeed ‘off-system’ during April or May for:

  • research grants (both routes)
  • research development and engagement fellowships (both routes)
  • follow-on funding for impact and engagement

Forward planning

Experience has shown us that just prior to changes being applied to our funding opportunities or grant system, we see a spike in application numbers.

By publishing dates for these changes in advance, we want to enable forward planning for our research community so that applicants can make an informed decision on when to submit.

While some applicants may wish to submit slightly earlier than originally planned, other applicants may wish to wait to apply when opportunities reopen in the Funding Service.

When transitioning funding opportunities, AHRC will seek to minimise disruption for applicants and uphold the commitments laid out in our strategic delivery plan. This includes our commitment to providing the research community with increased forward notice for funding opportunities, which remain open for longer periods of time.

Harmonisation across councils

This transition is part of UKRI’s Simpler and Better Funding (SBF) programme, which is creating a single, consistent user-centred Funding Service.

‘Always open’ funding opportunities will have a more consistent set of application questions and assessment criteria across and within councils as part of a harmonised responsive mode.

This harmonisation will mean that applicants will have a new and simplified experience when writing and submitting proposals to UKRI’s funding opportunities.

Find out more about the applicant experience and our pathway for change.

Details on how and when to submit proposals through the Funding Service will be provided at a later date within:

Ask a question about the SBF programme

If you would like to ask a question about the UKRI SBF programme, please contact:


Telephone: 01793 547490

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