Council transition to the new Funding Service

All research councils are transitioning from the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system to the UKRI Funding Service. This means that all applicants, grant holders, research support staff, reviewers and panel members must start using the new Funding Service.

The Simpler and Better Funding (SBF) programme is working with all councils to carry out this transition and roll out opportunities on the new service.

Find out more about the SBF programme and the new Funding Service.

Council timelines for transitioning to the Funding Service

Councils are committed to giving researchers and research organisations the information they need to plan in good time for the transition to the Funding Service, including timelines for closing opportunities in Je-S and reopening them on the Funding Service.

Find out more about each council’s transition plans and the associated changes to their responsive mode funding opportunities:

These timelines may change as we are developing the Funding Service in an iterative way.

Supporting you through the transition

The transition process will affect opportunities for different councils in different ways. We are dedicated to an equitable and robust application process. We will continue to support researchers and research organisations, providing them with the information they need to plan for the transition to the Funding Service.

When transitioning opportunities, councils will uphold the commitments laid out in their strategic delivery plans and seek to minimise disruption for applicants. This includes their commitment to providing the research community with increased forward notice for opportunities which remain open for longer periods of time.

Applications to responsive mode opportunities are changing

The overall principles of responsive mode opportunities remain the same, but interactions between applicants and assessors and UKRI through the Funding Service will be different.

Responsive mode opportunities will use a core application question set and assessment criteria.

For more information on ways the application experience is changing, see how applicants use the UKRI Funding Service.

Responsive mode in the Funding Service: from November 2023

We are reviewing how responsive mode operates to streamline and harmonise the process for users.

During the review period, some responsive mode opportunities will have regular closing and opening dates throughout the year, while others will have an extended open period with regular decision points throughout.

Councils will be processing decisions for the first round of responsive mode on the Funding Service from early 2024. Councils will share all decisions with applicants in a timely manner and according to the timeline for the opportunity.

Each council will provide further details in their transition page and in the opportunity details on the funding finder.

UKRI may need to make changes to these opportunities to allow for technical or policy enhancements. Councils will communicate any changes in advance.

Awarding successful applications

Our ambition is that most opportunities can be awarded on the Funding Service from April 2024. Most applications currently live on the Funding Service and due for award before April 2024 will be awarded on Je-S. Organisations do not need to submit duplicate applications into Je-S.

Throughout January and February 2024 we will further pilot awards on the Funding Service to allow for the robust testing of award functionality. Following the pilots, further training and guidance will be available to support users and their organisations through this transition.

Organisations will receive specific guidance about the awards process following the acknowledgement of a successful application.

Last updated: 8 December 2023

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