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Service functionality update

The Simpler and Better Funding team at UKRI are pleased to announce the release of the UKRI Funding Service’s first iteration of co-edit functionality, which will allow research office staff to co-edit applications.

Co-edit functionality is due to be released in two parts.

Part one: mid November 2023

Research office staff with a UKRI Funding Service account will be able to edit all sections when the application is sent for approval.

Applicants will continue to send the application to their research office for approval and submission once the application is marked as complete, to allow for editing and completion. Research office users will then see the application in edit mode.

Research office users can edit any section within the application.

The ability to either return an application to the applicant or submit to UKRI remains unchanged.

Part two: latter half of December 2023

In the second iteration of the research office co-edit functionality, all research office staff with a Funding Service account will be able to edit all sections of an application at any time (including throughout the period where the application is in a status of ‘draft’).

There will be no need for applicants to send their application to share edit rights with their research office.

Research office users will always see applications in edit mode. They can edit any section within the application.

When the application has been sent to the Research office for approval and submission, the ability to either return an application to applicants or submit it to UKRI will remain unchanged.

The introduction of an ‘edit log’ will be visible for both applicants and research office staff, to show an audit of changes that have been made to an application and by whom.

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Last updated: 29 November 2023

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