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This page gives information and resources about the use of animals in research, that you should consider when you apply for funding.

We aim to keep this page up to date. But legislation and guidance change and it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the law and guidance.

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Overseas animal use

If the research involves the use of specific animals (rodents, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, Xenopus – African clawed frogs) overseas rather than in the UK, you should also complete the additional questions that can be found at NC3RS: use of animals overseas. You should attach the completed forms as a letter of support in Je-S.

Research involving pigs

If the research involves the use of pigs, you should also provide answers to the NC3Rs standardised questions on the use of pigs (PDF, 39KB) using the template provided. You should attach the completed template as a letter of support in Je-S.

Signed statement requirement

All applications involving animal research conducted overseas must submit a signed statement. This is to confirm that this research would be conducted in accordance with regulatory systems in the UK (and applicable regulation in the host country) and that all applicants understand the requirements. This statement must be signed by all principal investigators, UK-based and overseas, to make sure that:

  • they will adhere to all relevant national and local regulatory systems in the UK and overseas
  • they will follow the guidance laid out by NC3Rs: responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research and make sure that the work is carried out to UK standards
  • before initiation of the proposed research, appropriate approvals from institutional or central animal ethics committees will be obtained for experimental protocols to be adopted in their projects (successful projects may be expected to provide copies of these permissions before funding is released.)
  • details are provided to indicate where the animal research will take place and through which funder the resources are being sought.

These additional documents are not required for applications that only involve animal research being carried out in the UK.

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Last updated: 11 September 2023

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