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Our research grants guide covers all aspects of research grant funding, including eligibility, application procedures and rules on resubmitting applications.

BBSRC research grants guide

You also need to read:

  • the guidance in the funding call, as some funding calls have different requirements – if your application does not meet the requirements, it will be rejected
  • guidance on standard research grants – standard (sometimes known as ‘responsive’) grants are open to a wide range of research and approaches within our remit.

Find out how the coronavirus pandemic affects funding deadlines, extensions and support.

For data analysis reasons, we ask you do not include the words ‘Cov-19’, ‘COVID-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ in the summary or title sections, unless the application relates to proposed research in this area.

What happens after you apply

After submission, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) will check that the application meets the funding call requirements, including remit and eligibility.

You will find details of the assessment process in the specific funding call guidance.

If you have eligibility questions


If you have remit questions


Last updated: 16 June 2022

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