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Using EPSRC facilities and resources

Find the facility or resource you need, and check how to use it.

You do not always need EPSRC funding to use EPSRC’s facilities and resources. Some are also available to businesses, organisations and researchers without EPSRC funding.

If you’re applying for EPSRC research funding

Discuss your research proposal with the facility or service you want to use before submitting your application. You usually need confirmation that you can use the facility or resource. You might also need a technical assessment that includes a costing for the value of using the facility or resource, to include in your application.

Check the funding application for more information about including facilities in your application.

Including major national or international facilities in your application

You usually need to apply directly to major UK or international facilities, as well as including them in your funding application.

Including high-performance computing services in your application

You can include computational time from the following services in your EPSRC funding application:

If you want to include tier two services in your application, you need to discuss your research proposal with EPSRC before applying.

Discuss your proposal with EPSRC

Email: researchinfrastructure@epsrc.ukri.org

Applying for high-performance computing services only

EPSRC invites applications for access to high performance computing (HPC) services. You do not have to be an EPSRC grant holder to apply. The deadlines for applying are usually every six months.

You can also check other ways to apply for:

Ask a question about using HPC services

Email: researchinfrastructure@epsrc.ukri.org

Last updated: 26 March 2024

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