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How to apply

Starting your application

Each application must be led by a knowledge base, working with a business. Check our find local advice page to see which universities, colleges, research and technology organisations and Catapults are currently participating in KTP.

As a business, if you already have links to a knowledge base you should contact their KTP office, to see if you could work together to developing a KTP application.

If you’re interested in taking part in a KTP but don’t have a knowledge base partner, you should contact your local knowledge base directly.

Submitting an application

Developing a KTP application takes time, and requires the business and the knowledge base to work closely together. You should write your application so that experts from outside of your sector can easily understand what you intend to achieve, what challenges it presents and why it is innovative to the business.

Once complete, the application can only be submitted by the knowledge base.

All applications are supported by a knowledge transfer adviser appointed by Innovate UK. The adviser will provide the knowledge base and business with guidance throughout the application process. To support all projects equally, the adviser may set milestones during the development of the application.

See projects funded by Innovate UK to explore our transparency data.

What happens after you apply

KTP funding is competitively awarded to the best projects in each competition round. Applications are reviewed by a group of assessors with a deep understanding of the knowledge exchange process. You will normally be notified of the outcome within 12 weeks or less of the competition closing.

If your partnership is successful, you will receive a formal offer of a grant.

Once our offer is accepted you can begin to recruit an associate. Recruitment should be undertaken jointly by the knowledge base and business partner. The associate’s contract of employment will be with the knowledge base.

Last updated: 26 April 2024

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