3.1.1-3.1.17 The application: Je-S proposal form - MRC


3.1.12 Project partners

Details of any collaborating researchers or organisations (other than the lead research organisation) that will make specific contributions to the project should be listed in this section. The organisations may be from the UK or overseas, and the contributions may be financial or in-kind. In-kind contributions may include staff time, access to equipment, sites or facilities, or the provision of data, software or materials. The financial value of the contribution should be included on the Je-S form. Where the input is important to the project but has no significant financial value, a nominal sum of £1 may be entered as the value of the contribution.

Each project partner should provide a letter of support which must be on headed paper, dated and signed and which should confirm the organisation’s commitment to the proposed project, detail the nature of the collaboration and the value of the project partner’s contribution, and identify the relevance and possible benefits of the proposed work to the project partner.

Where the project partner (whether an individual or organisation) is responsible for recruitment of people as research participants and/or providing human tissue, then list them as a project partner on the proposal form and enter a nominal sum of £1 for the value of the contribution. Details should be included in the case for support and a letter of support must be attached to the application, which affirms that:

  • the project partner has agreed to recruit the participants/provide tissue
  • what is being supplied is suitable for the research being undertaken
  • the quantity of tissue (where relevant) being supplied is suitable, but not excessive for achieving meaningful results.

Where the project partner is industrial, applicants must follow the guidance relating to MRC Industrial Collaborative Awards (MICAs) as outlined in section 3.2.10 and in the guidance on MICA, including a MICA form and a signed heads of terms with the application.

Last updated: 15 November 2021

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