Partnership grant - MRC


Financial support

A partnership grant will provide funds for one to five years. Resource requests will vary between partnerships (see case studies) therefore applicants are strongly advised to discuss this with the relevant programme manager prior to applying – see how to apply.

Investigators’ salaries

Where resources are requested for investigator time, the proposal should outline the input of each of the named investigators and justify why the stated time commitment is necessary for the partnership. It is anticipated that in most instances only the PI and possibly one or two CoIs will seek reimbursement in this context. Please note that project partners are not usually expected to request MRC funding to participate in the partnership, although minor costs will be considered.

Research costs

Minimal resources should be requested for research. For example, postdoctoral research positions may only be supported in exceptional cases, however, where justified, technical posts may be requested as part of the grant.

Partnership grants may support purchase of equipment, or infrastructure that is key to the aims of the partnership or provides a platform for activities associated with the partnership.

If international collaboration is key to the success of the partnership, including costs for work undertaken at an overseas RO is permitted but should be discussed with the programme manager before applying. More information on allowable overseas costs can be found in section 3.3 of the MRC guidance for applicants.

Last updated: 26 August 2021

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