Guidance for applicants - MRC

Guidance for applicants PDF

Download and save the full guidance

Check if you're eligible for funding

Types of research organisations and what they can apply for

How to submit your application

The submission process and using the Joint Electronic-Submission (Je-S) system

What to include in your application

Your proposal form, attachments and peer review

Costs we fund

Full economic costs and costs specific to different organisations

Proposals involving animal use

Information needed for applications involving animal use

Ethics and approvals

Regulations and guidance for specific types of research

Research involving existing facilities and resources

Using the facilities, data and resources of other organisations

Application timelines

Research grant and fellowship deadlines

Types of funding we offer

Guidance on research, programme, partnership and new investigator grants

Terms and conditions for research grants

Additional MRC terms and conditions

Research involving animals

Guidance and resources for using animals in research

Policies and guidance for researchers

An overview of policies and guidance relating to good research practice and research integrity

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