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The European XFEL is a research facility in Hamburg, Germany, which generates intense X-ray flashes. These X-ray flashes allow scientists to map atomic details of viruses, film chemical reactions and study the processes in the interior of planets, among many other applications.

How to access opportunities at European XFEL

Procurement processes at European XFEL GmbH follow the German national and European public tender rules, laws, and regulations.

Tenders above a certain value (currently €221,000) are published in the supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union’s Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). Those published in TED include an abbreviated English translation.

For lower-value tenders (currently about €221,000), German national rules apply, and all tenders considered national are announced on the Bundesanzeiger website.

The industrial liaison officers of each member country are informed by email of all XFEL tenders with a value of more than €50,000. The STFC Business Opportunities Team is the UK’s industrial liaison officer, and opportunities are advertised via STFC’s Tender Opportunities Service, with which you can register to receive opportunities by sector.

Contracts are usually awarded on the basis of best value for money.

Details of the process are given at European XFEL procurement.


UK industrial liaison officer

Laura Sewell
Email: tenderopportunities@stfc.ukri.org

European XFEL

European XFEL contacts page.

Help with exporting

Department for International Trade website.

Last updated: 27 October 2022

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