Dr Hadewij Sint

How data can help us understand farming’s impact on climate: Hadewij Sint from Rothamsted Research.

Video credit: UKRI
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In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), we asked our researchers to tell us about their work and the challenges of tackling climate change.

Dr Hadewij is a geographic information systems (GIS) and data specialist for Rothamsted Research. Working for the Farm Platform National Capability based at the North Wyke campus in Devon.

Hadewij’s hope is that research data could help to solve some important environmental issues. Hadewij’s research focuses on the impact of livestock production on the environment.

Data being collected supports scientists all over the world. It includes: surveys on soils, when fields are mown, and animal data, such as breed and date of birth. Additional automated data includes monitoring water, soil moisture, and greenhouse gas sensors. Some of these data categories consist of more than 18,000 measurements a day.

Hadewij says:

We are really quite proud of what we have achieved over the last few years. We are especially satisfied that now the data is starting to be used be scientists all over the world. Who knows, we might even get a Nobel Prize!

Last updated: 16 January 2023

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