Our climate pioneers

Leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). We’ve spoken to some of the researchers and innovators about their role in helping tackle climate change and what they want to see come out of COP26.


Dr Hadewij Sint

How data can help us understand farming's impact on climate

Dr Hugh Mortimer

Developing new instruments to track climate change from space

Dr Lucy Martin

Decarbonisation, carbon capture and how we get to net zero

Dr Gabriel Pérez

How smaller, cheaper, and better batteries can help us get to net zero

Dr Alison Carswell

How does nitrogen affect our food and climate?

Professor Parik Goswami

Changing the ecological footprint of fashion

Professor Andrea Doeschl Wilson

Can we breed low-emissions, disease-resistant livestock?

Maia Elliot

Tackling the climate crisis through our food system

Jonathan Shanklin

Meet the scientist who discovered the hole in the ozone layer

Dr Anna Jones

Meet the scientist responsible for ensuring the ozone layer continues to heal

Dr Rebecca Ford

Why net zero is about empowering communities

Professor Adam Kleczkowski

How will climate change affect our woodlands?

Professor Cathie Martin

Rank Prize for Nutrition 2022 winner, on her research at the John Innes Centre

Dr Lee de Mora

Protecting the oceans from climate change

Anthony Burns

Chief Operating Officer, Advanced Clothing Solutions
(Innovate UK)

Dr Emma Fieldhouse

Director of Future We Want
(Innovate UK)

Dr Sahar Arshi

Digitising fabric properties using immersive technologies

Dr Jeremy Walton

Using supercomputers to understand the climate

Professor John Barrett

Moving towards low carbon society

Professor Clive Potter

Helping forests maximise carbon capture

Dr Ian Mudway

Making transport net zero for better health

Professor Richard Haigh

Managing disaster risk as the climate changes

Professor Lyla Mehta

Engaging with wider experiences of climate change

Dr Genoveva Burca

How neutron imaging can help us get to net zero

Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga

How will climate affect future pandemics?

Dr Desy Pirmasari

Bringing equality and inclusivity to climate change discussions

Professor Rodney Harrison

How can the museum sector engage with change?

Dr Duncan Watson-Parris

How do microscopic particles affect climate change?

Professor Kate Pahl and Dr Simon Carr

Inspiring young people to value trees

Dam Khan

Tackling air pollution in The Gambia

Dr Tahrat Shahid

Bringing global communities into the climate conversation

Navraj Singh Ghaleigh

Can legal institutions affect climate change?

Dr Stephanie Wright

How plastic pollution affects our health

Mortala Ndow

Why world leaders must take action to achieve net zero

Zakari Ali

Making food systems able to withstand climate change in West Africa

Professor John McGeehan

Tackling plastic pollution using solutions from nature

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