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11 July 2019
'The Next Leap Forward' – Four Quantum Technologies Hubs to lead UK's research drive

Technologies that will allow fire crews to see through smoke and dust, computers to solve previously unsolvable computational problems and construction projects.

10 July 2019
Research England investment of £221m attracts £500m for 11 state-of-the-art research facilities

Research England is investing £221m in 11 brand new university research facilities across the UK that will support cutting-edge research and innovation in a wide range of specialist areas.

10 July 2019
UK home for HQ of the World's biggest radio telescope

Jodrell Bank in the UK has today officially become the home of the new international organisation behind what will soon be the World’s biggest ever radio telescope.

10 July 2019
UKRI appoints Interim Chief Finance Officer

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has appointed Mike Blackburn as Interim Chief Finance Officer.

10 July 2019
Prosperity Partnerships to address generational challenges across the globe

Pioneering new partnerships have been launched to speed up the production of medicines, utilise Artificial Intelligence to complete household tasks, develop ultra-high strength alloys for the automotive industry and create new materials that will not make a noise underwater, reducing its harmful impact on marine wildlife.

09 July 2019
Prime Minister announces cutting-edge modern slavery research centre

A new research centre will focus on prevention, victim recovery, supply chains and law enforcement to help put an end to modern slavery.

04 July 2019
Carrying the PRIDE message to the ends of the earth

Huw Griffiths is a polar research scientist with the British Antarctic Survey and helped to establish the Pride in Polar Research network. On LGBTSTEM Day he shares his personal experiences.

04 July 2019
BioImage Archive to reveal new insights into human life

New bioimaging data available to researchers could offer new insights into how life works on a molecular level, advancing our knowledge of human health and disease, food security and biodiversity.

02 July 2019
University research to receive major funding boost

Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore has confirmed an additional £91 million for university-led research, taking the annual budget allocations for university-led research to a record high.

28 June 2019
Update to the UKRI fEC Grant and Training Grant Terms and Conditions

UKRI has updated its fEC Grant Terms and Conditions and Training Grant Terms and Conditions.

28 June 2019
Ingenious innovations to help transform UK farming

New technologies are set to help UK farmers cut down on pollution, minimise waste and produce more food thanks to a £22 million Government investment.

27 June 2019
UKRI signs San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment

UK Research and Innovation has signed an international declaration aimed at strengthening and promoting best practice in the way research is assessed.

21 June 2019
One step closer to laser-driven proton cancer therapy

New UK-led research has taken us a step closer to alternative methods of treating cancers using proton beams accelerated by lasers, a method that can be less damaging to patients than other treatments.

20 June 2019
Clean Air Champions appointed to spearhead major programme tackling air pollution

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Met Office have launched an ambitious new programme to improve air quality and reduce its health impacts in the UK with the announcement of three Clean Air Champions.

19 June 2019
Strong UK-Colombian research partnership praised during Presidential visit

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) celebrated its close research relationship with Colombia on Monday (17 June) when the President of Colombia, Iván Duque visited the Francis Crick Institute in London and met with researchers working to protect Colombia’s rich biodiversity for the future.

18 June 2019
Wearable tech to help elderly and disabled

Soft, wearable rehabilitative devices are being developed to help thousands of people with mobility issues.

13 June 2019
UK at the forefront of Quantum technologies

Experimental quantum science is set to become a commercial reality through planned joint government and industry investment of over £350 million, taking projects from research stage to product testing.

13 June 2019
UKRI appoints new Executive Director, Strategy and Governance

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has appointed Emma Lindsell and Isobel Stephen to the position of Executive Director, Strategy and Governance.

13 June 2019
New fund to boost excellent research at 13 universities

Funding announced today will boost the capacity and quality of research at 13 universities in topics ranging from recycling plastic to meeting the needs of an ageing society, and manufacturing to agri-robotics.

12 June 2019
World-leading computer project to ensure safer roads and flood protection

A world-leading computing project that can simulate various situations to ensure houses are built in the right places, mobile network access is better for all and we are protected from flooding has been showcased this week.