Fueling the future of bioscience with your big ideas

BBSRC is calling on researchers, scientists and innovators to help shape and transform the future of bioscience with the next big idea.

When it comes to bioscience, the term ‘innovation’ is anything but the latest buzzword. It is the cornerstone upon which groundbreaking discoveries and advancements are made.

Innovation has enabled us to understand and harness biology and living systems in ways that we could only dream about at the start of the century.

But innovation doesn’t happen by chance. It is underpinned by the pursuit of curiosity, the freedom to explore the unknown and the exchange of ideas. Brave, bold, ambitious ideas.

Unleash your innovation with big ideas

In an ever-changing and rapidly evolving world, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is on a quest for novel ideas that could shape and transform the future of bioscience.

We are calling upon the brilliant minds of the bioscience community and beyond to dive into the depths of your imagination, challenge conventions and inspire us with your bioscience big ideas.

But this isn’t just a call for ideas. It’s an invitation to push forward the frontiers of bioscience, address big questions, ignite meaningful change and help BBSRC tackle major global challenges with innovative bio-based solutions.

Your big ideas are a big deal

Your ideas are mission critical in supporting and driving BBSRC’s long-term vision and strategic ambitions. Here’s why:

They make us challenge the status quo

Ideas from BBSRC’s external community give rise to an important challenge. They challenge us to think outside the box, consider concepts through a different lens and venture beyond the norm. Your ideas inform our corporate thinking and help shape future priorities.

They foster innovation, creativity and discovery

At the heart of the big ideas pipeline lies BBSRC’s commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing creativity. Your ideas encourage us think beyond conventional boundaries, stimulating the birth of novel concepts and revolutionary approaches. The innovation and creativity expressed through your ideas could be the catalyst that propels bioscience into unchartered territories, new discoveries and pioneering solutions.

They forge new connections

Although some ideas begin as isolated thoughts from individuals, they are often the seed for new connections, networks and relationships. The big ideas pipeline doesn’t just connect ideas, it helps connects people across organisations, sectors and disciplines.

Bioscience ideas cross boundaries

The real beauty of bioscience lies in its diversity. It underpins almost every aspect of our lives and that means your ideas could be transformational across boundaries, disciplines and sectors. UKRI’s cross-council big ideas forum is in place to support your big ideas, ensuring barriers to progression are removed so that full impact can be realised.

Your ideas do not have a shelf life

The bioscience landscape doesn’t stand still. It evolves at pace, meaning that today’s priorities could be significantly less urgent a year from now. We know the next scientific grand challenge could be just around the corner, so we never cast ideas aside. In fact, we review your long list of ideas on a regular basis, particularly when new challenges and opportunities arise.

A catalyst for meaningful change

Professor Guy Poppy, Interim Executive Chair at BBSRC, said:

Innovation is the lifeblood of bioscience. It is the driving force behind every milestone we’ve achieved. But it doesn’t happen in isolation. Innovation thrives on the diversity of thought, the courage to challenge conventions and the audacity to think big.

BBSRC is on a mission to propel bioscience into uncharted territories and we need your visionary ideas to make it happen. Your ideas are not just an invitation, they are a catalyst for meaningful change. They challenge us to redefine our priorities, stimulate creativity, forge new connections and transcend boundaries. With the bioscience landscape evolving rapidly, your ideas have the power to shape our future.

Join us on this unique journey to transform bioscience with your big ideas. Together, we can create a brighter and more innovative future for bioscience and beyond.

Your time to act is now

Between 31 October and 12 January 2024, the floor is yours. We invite and encourage you to submit your ideas to BBSRC’s bioscience big ideas pipeline.

As the UK’s major public funder of bioscience research and innovation, BBSRC’s portfolio is diverse. We therefore welcome ideas of all sizes and scales, from themes to missions and even moonshots! We are keen to receive a broad collection of ideas covering a wealth of themes, the likes of which could include:

  • bioscience disciplines
  • transformative technologies
  • strategic challenges and themes
  • people, culture and talent
  • research infrastructure
  • collaboration, partnerships and knowledge exchange

We’re looking for ideas that inspire. Ideas that will captivate researchers, engage the public, resonate with industry leaders and inspire government.

The big ideas panel

Your ideas will be considered by our big ideas panel, whose members are drawn from across BBSRC’s strategy advisory network of council, strategy advisory panels and committees.

The panel will help BBSRC consider:

  • the most exciting stand-alone ideas
  • key themes arising from the ideas submitted
  • next steps required to help unleash and realise the full potential of your ideas

Ready to transform bioscience with your big ideas?

Find out more and submit your bioscience big idea.

For questions and queries about BBSRC’s big ideas pipeline, please email: bigideas@bbsrc.ukri.org

Top image:  Credit: Bruno Thethe via Unsplash

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