Healthy Ageing Catalyst Accelerator round two winners announced

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Winners of the UKRI and Zinc Catalyst Accelerator programme are poised to advance the health and quality of life for older adults.

The Healthy Ageing challenge, delivered by Innovate UK and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), brings together world-leading UK researchers and businesses, to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time.

In an ambitious endeavour to drive ground-breaking advancements in healthy ageing, ESRC has joined forces with venture builder, Zinc. Together, they are supporting another round of the most promising Catalyst Award winners to form, build and launch new enterprises.

The upcoming cohort boasts a group of seven entrepreneurial researchers, each poised to transform innovative ideas into real world solutions to the unique challenges faced by the ageing population.

The seven winners


TapTrack is a ground-breaking home monitoring device for Parkinson’s patients.

The device uses innovative technology to deliver a clinical test, enabling objective performance assessment and symptom management. It has the potential to enhance patients’ lives while supporting caregivers.


ReadClear is an app that empowers older adults with brain-related visual impairment to enjoy reading again.

Developed with patients, it enhances the reading experiences for those who have had strokes or are living with dementia. ReadClear addresses cognitive and mental health issues associated with visual challenge holistically.


Nurolight® is a smart home lighting system, which helps people living with dementia and their carers to sleep better at home, improving their natural sleep cycle throughout the day by providing bright light therapy.

This technology showcases the power of evidence-based design for the delivery of healthy ageing solutions.


Dedicate is a Virtual Care Partner platform, which uses artificial intelligence to provide caregivers with 24/7 guidance, empowering them to navigate complex care tasks.

Dedicate equips caregivers with knowledge, enhancing their ability to provide optimal care and support for their loved ones.

Agile Access

Agile Access is a programme of tailormade exercise plans, a plug-and play TV system and an inclusive communication platform.

This intelligent and interactive programme supports social connection and the promotion of exercise in retirement living settings.


GenInsole are innovative, highly customised therapeutic insoles to alleviate diabetes-related complications.

By redistributing foot pressure, GenInsole aims to enhance patient outcomes, cut costs and manage diabetic foot ulcers effectively, elevating global patient wellbeing.

Custom-made orthotics

Custom-made orthotics is a cutting-edge service making wearable rehabilitation devices created through 3D scanning and printing, which can swiftly benefit stroke patients and others like those with cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries.

This innovative project also has future plans to create protheses, so it has full potential to transform patient experience, while reducing costs.

Building on Zinc’s tailored programme of support, the Catalyst Accelerator will propel these transformational projects forward. The collective efforts of these academic trailblazers will deliver new enterprises based on innovative ideas, with the potential to grow their way to real world impact, enhancing the lives of older people and caregivers alike.

Potential to make a difference

George MacGinnis, Healthy Ageing Challenge Director at Innovate UK, said:

I am delighted to announce the winners of the second-round of our Healthy Ageing Catalyst Accelerator Awards. The Catalyst programme is a global collaboration seeking to translate high-risk, high reward ideas from research into innovations with impact. These seven projects have been selected from previous Catalyst awards for their outstanding potential for commercial success.

This next stage of their journey is supported by a £100,000 investment from the Healthy Ageing challenge and a six-month programme of immersive venture building under Zinc’s guidance. These projects offer exceptional potential to make a difference to how we age.

Top image:  Credit: Centre for Ageing Better

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