Open access policy update

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UKRI has published updated information to support funded research organisations and researchers to be ready for UKRI’s new open access policy.

Peer-reviewed research articles that acknowledge UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding will need to comply with UKRI’s open access policy from 1 April 2022.

The following guidance has been updated to address frequently asked questions from stakeholders:

Further guidance

Jisc has also published further guidance on the sector’s requirements for transformative journals.

From 1 April 2022, authors and research organisations will be able to check to see whether journals offer publishing options that enable compliance with the UKRI open access policy.

They can do this via the Journal Checker Tool, which will be developed further in response to feedback from the sector.

Currently the tool is being customised in line with the UKRI policy and updated with the latest information from Jisc.

Supporting researchers and organisations

Jisc is supporting UKRI-funded researchers and research organisations to find available open access publishing options, including information on Jisc approved transformative journals and transitional agreements.

Find out more in Jisc’s latest blog.

Best practice

In preparation for the new policy UKRI has also:

Research organisations have been notified of their open access block grant allocations.

New agreement

Yesterday, UK universities and research organisations agreed a three-year open access agreement with Elsevier.

The agreement provides unlimited open access publishing, access to paywalled articles for a reduction in current spend.

UKRI welcomes this development, which will support UKRI-funded authors to publish open access in line with its new policy.

Further information

Further information and guidance is available:

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