Update to UKRI fEC grant and training grant terms and conditions

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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has updated its full economic cost (fEC) grant and training grant terms and conditions, as part of its standard biannual update.

Trusted research and innovation

As part of this update, UKRI has added a new grant condition clarifying its expectations for organisations and individuals in receipt of UKRI funding.

This is in line with our trusted research and innovation work programme.

This revision builds on ongoing best practices used by organisations to support efficient due diligence in a way that minimises the risks associated with trusted research and innovation.

A set of accompanying trusted research and innovation principles has also been published to support this new condition and promote the current best practices and approaches used by organisations.

Updated supporting information

As part of this exercise, supporting information within the accompanying terms and conditions guidance documents has also been updated in relation to the following:

Supporting international students

Following the implementation of the changes to international students in November 2020, further information has been added to the training grant terms and conditions and guidance.

It clarifies UKRI’s rules on student’s:

  • eligibility
  • residency status
  • temporary absences.

Supporting flexible working

UKRI has added information to clarify its position on remote working for research staff, excluding investigators, on grants.

This includes allowing research staff employed by the organisation to work remotely from home and overseas, where the research project allows and organisational policies continue to be adhered too.

Organisations continue to be wholly responsible for their staff and their terms and conditions of employment.

Dual roles

UKRI consulted our Research Organisation Consultation Group. Details of when a third party may be involved on a grant as both a project partner and as a subcontractor have been included in the fEC guidance.

Guidance should be read in conjunction with the updated fEC grant and training grant terms and conditions.

The updated fEC and training grant terms and conditions will take effect from 17 August 2021 and are now available.

For further information, email fundingpolicy@ukri.org.

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