Update to UKRI full economic cost grant and training grant terms and conditions

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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has updated its full economic cost grant terms and conditions and training grant terms and conditions.


In this revision UKRI has added a new condition for the requirement for timesheets.

Research organisations will need to ensure timesheets are kept for all directly incurred and exceptions staff that work across more than one activity.

These should be completed and approved within 2 months after period end, reflecting actual time worked.


A new condition has been added to UKRI’s training grants for its students who may require short-term time off.

Research organisations must have policies in place to support students to enable them to take time off for emergencies and compassionate leave.

This revision also sees an update to the maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave condition clarifying entitlement to adoption leave and the full provision of leave that UKRI offers.

Updated supporting information

As part of this exercise, supporting information within the accompanying terms and conditions guidance documents has also been updated in relation to the following.

Costs and the immigration health surcharge (IHS)

UKRI recognises the importance of attracting talent and recruiting international researchers and specialists to the UK.

A revision has been made to allow the IHS on research grants for those directly incurred staff recruited to work 100% of their contracted time on the grant.

Supporting staff

Clarity has been provided on UKRI’s position for travel cost claims on grants, reflecting that public funds should be used with due consideration to environmental impact, welfare and business needs and travel should evidence this alongside value for money.

There has also been an update for grant extensions, making it clear that research organisations should request an extension as soon as the need has been identified.

All guidance should be read in conjunction with the updated full economic cost grant and training grant terms and conditions.

The updated  full economic cost and training grant terms and conditions will take effect from 3 November 2022 and are now available.

For further information, email fundingpolicy@ukri.org

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