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Research solutions for UK treescape expansion and resilience

Apply for funding to investigate how we can improve the expansion and resilience of UK treescapes at different scales.

You must be based at a UK organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Your project must:

  • include disciplines from at least two of the three funding research councils
  • work with at least one stakeholder group or relevant non-academic organisation.

Enhance the impact of environmental sciences research: NERC knowledge exchange fellowships

Apply for funding to enhance the impact of research in the environmental sciences.

NERC knowledge exchange fellowships help you and your stakeholders to share knowledge.

You must be based at an institution eligible for UKRI funding. We welcome researchers at all career stages.

Advise on the commissioning of NERC’s environmental data service

Apply for funding to provide independent expertise for the commissioning of the NERC Environmental Data Service (EDS).

You must be:

  • a UK resident
  • based at a UK institution eligible for UKRI funding.

You must not have a connection to:

  • the EDS
  • the associated environmental data centres
  • any NERC research centre.

Improve understanding of the economics of biodiversity

Apply for funding to improve our understanding of economics of biodiversity.

Your research will help governments and organisations in the UK to integrate economics of biodiversity into decision making.

Your project must focus on areas from both NERC and ESRC remits.

You must be based at a UK organisation eligible for NERC funding.

Build a network to promote academic engagement with catapults

Apply for funding to build a network that will:

  • encourage engagement between academia and the catapult centres
  • deliver the Researchers in Residence awards.

You must:

  • be a UK resident
  • be based at an eligible research organisation
  • have experience of running large centres or networks.

Environmental science: NERC standard and new investigator grants

Apply for funding to carry out a research project in any area of environmental science in the remit of NERC.

You must be:

  • based at an eligible UK research organisation
  • at lecturer level, or equivalent

If applying for a ‘new investigator’ grant, you must also be at the start of your independent scientific career.

Site survey investigations for scientific ocean drilling

Apply for funding for a site survey investigation. The data from your investigation will help the scientific community develop future ocean drilling expeditions.

Your site survey investigation can be either:

  • ship-borne, gathering new data
  • virtual, using existing data.

You must be a UK-based researcher employed at an eligible research organisation.

Daphne Jackson fellowship

These fellowships are for those looking to return to a research career after a break. Fellowships combine a personalised retraining programme with a challenging research project. They are flexible, usually lasting two years at 0.5 full-time equivalent, although some UKRI funders may award longer.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships help businesses to partner with an academic organisation, research organisation or a Catapult, to employ a graduate with the skills and knowledge that can help the business to innovate and grow.

NERC urgency funding

This fund allows researchers to respond quickly to transient and unexpected scientific opportunities. These may be events affecting the environment like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

You can apply if you are a research group or individual based at a UK university or other approved institution. We will fund up to 80% of your project’s cost.

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