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Responsive Manufacturing

This funding opportunity is open only to those who were successful at the outline stage of the Responsive Manufacturing funding opportunity and have been invited to submit a full proposal.

The EPSRC Manufacturing the Future Theme will provide up to £10 million (Research Council contribution) to support a portfolio of Responsive Manufacturing research projects.

Research Software Engineer fellowships 2020

Up to £4.5 million of funding is available from EPSRC to support approximately four to eight Research Software Engineer (RSE) fellows in the EPSRC remit for a duration of up to five years.

Up to £0.6 million of funding is available from STFC to support one RSE fellow in the STFC remit for a duration of up to five years.

Second opportunity for Transformative Healthcare Technologies – Development Phase

The second funding opportunity for Transformative Healthcare Technologies is a high risk, high return initiative and will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1, the development phase, will identify projects that demonstrate readiness in order to deliver an ambitious programme of research in Phase 2.

In the programme delivery phase, awardees in development phase will be invited to bid into a second funding opportunity, where we envisage supporting around four to six substantive programmes of research.

EPSRC is currently inviting outline proposals to the second funding opportunity for transformative healthcare technologies for offer of awards in phase 1, the development phase.

Statements of Need for National Research Facilities

This is the seventh funding opportunity for Statements of Need for new and existing National Research Facilities that will support excellent engineering and physical sciences research. These facilities provide leading edge capabilities and technique development at a national level or access to European research facilities.

Digital Economy: Sustainable Digital Society

We are investing up to £5 million (at 80% full economic cost) of EPSRC funding to support around six sociotechnical, interdisciplinary, co-created, novel research projects.

The projects should explore user-focused, transformational digital technologies and services to achieve a sustainable digital society.

The Digital Economy Theme welcomes multidisciplinary research that spans the whole of the remit of UK Research and Innovation. The research must be at least 50% within EPSRC’s remit to qualify for funding.

Highlight notice: COVID-19 and minority ethnic groups

Apply for funding to research the reasons for vulnerability to COVID-19 and the differential social, cultural and economic impacts of the pandemic on minority ethnic groups.

Preparing for future clean air challenges: interdisciplinary research and innovation consortia

We invite proposals for interdisciplinary consortia under the second wave of the Strategic Priorities Fund Clean Air Programme. The aim is to:

  • equip the UK to tackle new and emerging air quality challenges
  • investigate changing emissions and exposure patterns and health impacts on high-risk groups.

Healthcare Impact Partnerships 2020

EPSRC invites proposals for Healthcare Impact Partnerships. This funding opportunity is intended to support novel Mathematical, Engineering, ICT and Physical Sciences research that is aligned to the Healthcare Technologies theme strategy and contributes to at least one of the Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges.

A budget of at least £6 million is available to support projects that progress previous EPSRC-funded research towards generating impact in healthcare.

Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases 2020

The central theme is the quantitative or computational understanding of pathogen transmission dynamics.

Applicants welcome from transdisciplinary teams who research the:

  • ecological
  • evolutionary
  • social drivers

which influence the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases of animals, humans and plants.

ARCHER 2 Pioneer Projects

EPSRC wants to encourage researchers to consider what they can do to significantly push the boundaries in computational research using High Performance Computing (HPC) in their field.

This funding opportunity is for researchers to apply for large amounts of computational resource to conduct computationally intensive modelling, simulation and calculations. Projects should be ambitious and pioneering, we encourage a high-risk/high-reward strategy, and outputs should have significant potential for a high future impact.

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