Our work

Investing for innovation and impact

Our main funds

Our flagship funds are the main routes for researchers and innovators to apply for UKRI funding, including ISCF, GCRF and FLF

Developing people and skills

We support inclusive research environments and ways to develop your career more easily, such as Future Leaders Fellowships

Collaborating internationally

Find out about working overseas through funds such as the Global Challenge Research Fund, and how we help international experts do research in the UK

Creating world-class infrastructure

Creating and maintaining world-class research facilities, equipment, collections and capability

Supporting a healthy research and innovation culture

Discover how we’re supporting research integrity, preventing harm, and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

Delivering social, cultural and economic impact

Read stories about how the projects we fund are making a difference and the main funds we use to invest in them

Involving society in research

Public engagement

Listening, inspiring and involving the public in research and innovation

Tackling 21st-century challenges

Tackling the impact of COVID-19

We've brought together all of the vital research and innovation we have funded to combat and eradicate COVID-19


Research and innovation to understand, tackle and mitigate the effects of climate change and embed evidence in decision-making and climate policy

International Year of Plant Health 2020

How protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development

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