Our work

Learn about the work we’re doing to build a thriving and inclusive research system.

What we're investing in and prioritising

Our main funds

Get information about the key funding areas we’re offering research opportunities in, including ISCF and Future Leaders Fellowships

Career development

Read about the ways we’re supporting research professionals to grow at every stage of their career

International collaboration

Learn how we’re supporting UK researchers to team up with the best minds and facilities across the world, including the Global Challenges Research Fund


Get an overview of our investments in world-class research facilities, equipment and capability


Understand how we’re supporting research integrity and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion


Read stories about how our funded projects have been making a difference to lives and the world we live in

Across the UK

Learn how we support places throughout the country

How we're involving society in research

Public engagement

Browse information and resources on promoting greater public engagement in research

What we're doing to tackle 21st-century challenges

Tackling the impact of COVID-19

Read stories about the vital research and innovation we’ve funded in response to COVID-19

Responding to climate change

Learn about the people across the research and innovation system who are helping us tackle climate change and live more sustainably

International Year of Plant Health 2020

Find out why protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development

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