We’re building the ecosystem across the UK that supports the best ideas to become reality, changing lives and society for the better. Explore what is commercialisation and what it can offer you.

Funding for researchers

Find out how we fund researchers to make the most of their work.

Block award funding

Funding awarded to institutions to allocate

Project funding

Direct funding for knowledge exchange and commercialisation projects

Fellowships and training

Helping people become innovators

Funding for business

Find out how we fund innovation and commercialisation in businesses.

Business innovation funding

Innovate UK grants and loans available for UK businesses

UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund

Government-backed early stage patient capital

Funding for academic-business partnerships

Find out how we support researchers in academia and businesses to work together and find innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Funding for connecting capabilities

Building capacity and expertise across the UK

Collaborative programmes and industry-led research

Collaborations for innovation tackling industry needs

Collaborative training

Joint industrial-academic training for researchers

Beyond financial support

Find out about facilities, expertise, and networks that support knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

Research campuses and clusters

Find out about UKRI locations and the ecosystems they support

Business development services

Support and coaching for businesses, including Incubators and specialists

Business-policy engagement

Initiatives supporting private, public, and civil sectors working together

Access to facilities and infrastructure

Find out how to access UKRI’s facilities, from lab space to rapid prototyping


Connecting people and sharing expertise

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