Due diligence guidance and supporting documents

These documents are for use by organisations that are undertaking due diligence on overseas organisations that it is looking to sub-contract to.




These forms may also be adapted to use when undertaking due diligence on UK organisations that are not universities or independent research organisations.

There are four documents provided:

  • due diligence guidance for research organisations : this is to help any organisation set up a due diligence process. It also references trusted research to ensure this is considered in the due diligence process
  • simple due diligence questionnaire: this is a simplified version of the standard due diligence questionnaire to be used when the risk of funding is low
  • standard due diligence questionnaire: to be used when undertaking due diligence in areas of high risk as stated on the Corruptions Perceptions Index
  • enhanced due diligence: to be used in addition to standard due diligence form in areas where there is active conflict

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