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Insights for urban systems

We engaged with 250 young people across the UK to hear their views about the changes that were important to them and that would help their locality to achieve net zero.

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Insights for urban systems final report (PDF)

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A summary report (powerpoint) and infographic containing an overview of methodology and findings of research.

Quantitative and qualitative analyses were undertaken with young people (18 to 24) across the UK in towns and cities to understand:

  • what action they would like to see taken to achieve net zero
  • how important net zero was to them
  • whether they feel like they have a voice in the net zero discussions.

The young people undertaking the qualitative analysis took part in an Urban Futures Lab. They undertook a number of activities that resulted in a set of principles that they would like to see for developing urban areas to not only contribute towards net zero but to also:

  • provide safe places
  • strengthen communities
  • provide better mobility solutions.

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