NERC diversity and inclusion action plan 2022 to 2025

NERC action plan to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in under-represented groups across the broad range of roles in the environmental science research community.

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In June 2022, NERC launched its diversity and inclusion living plan.

As part of the plan, NERC committed to publishing updates and keeping changes transparent over the course of the plan, keeping the NERC community and partners updated on progress.

Since the publication of this plan, the main progress has been in collating initial data sets (as described in the strategic priorities section of the plan). We have reviewed progress to date and various sections of this plan have been updated as a result.

These updates reflect NERC’s active work to establish a baseline and allow for a better understanding of underrepresentation in environmental science. Understanding these issues sufficiently will allow for more effective actions to increase inclusion in environmental sciences.

Our next steps are to work between January and June 2023, to understand:

  • the impact of the actions that have been delivered as part of the plan so far, based on evidence and good practice. Depending on the impact of the actions, review and adjust next steps as relevant
  • the first set of baselines and identify actions to take to make progress in the four strategic priorities outlined in the plan
  • where data might not have provided sufficient insight for action and what active steps need to be taken to collect additional information
  • where data is sufficient, move to the next stage, to identify specific groups that may have been affected and identify actions and next steps to improve inclusion

Updates to the plan will continue to follow an iterative approach to reflect emerging actions based on new information. The next comprehensive update is expected in summer 2023 as part of the annual report. The report will take a holistic approach to outcomes and next steps based on the information and analysis of baselines and review of actions to date.

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  • 20 December 2022
    We have reviewed the progress of actions and updated their status.

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